The Cheapest Way To Build A Mobile Application

Mobile Applications can be built affordably, quickly, and with excellence and don't let them tell you otherwise! It's imperative that when you move forward with your next big app idea that you understand what can make your project cost more or less and how to avoid scoping out features that will cost you a lot of money and your developer a lot of unnecessary time.

Sure, it would be fantastic if your application had a truly proprietary feature that made it stand out amongst it's competition; but is it truly necessary? 

Ask yourself these 5 key questions before you begin your "big idea" mobile application project:

1) What is the underlying purpose of my mobile application?
2) What is the most simple way to serve the underlying purpose of my app?
3) What is my minimal viable product?
4) What framework has your developer chosen and why?
5) Have you looked into an app builder that can accomplish your minimal viable product?

We find that these 5 key questions can drive more profitable business models and more effective applications, all while lowering the upfront cost of building the application!

Before spending a fortune on something custom in an advanced framework try our industry favorite drag and drop mobile app builder Upigniter! Quickly build social media networks, job boards, send push notifications, create chat rooms, and so much more in just a matter of hours with no upfront cost.

Publishing within Upigniter is just $149/mo for life and comes with ongoing maintenance and support from our app-minded support teams 😎 🔥

Written by: Blaise Clair

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