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What we provide:

Custom Solutions, Predictable Results.

We design and deploy websites, applications, software, machine learning systems, and online marketing campaigns for franchises, churches, nonprofits, and businesses.

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Our Process

UpCode is proud to offer one-of-a-kind design and engineering solutions at affordable prices. We specialize in promoting your brand to the forefront of the digital space race with a transformative digital solution.

Step 1. Research

A successful digital effort relies heavily on the pulling-power of research. Knowing the right tools to estimate keyword traffic and tone of your project allows our teams to craft reliable profitability formulas prior to your launch.

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Step 2. Development

Our developers stand sturdily on the idea that if you build it well it will last forever. When it comes to your infrastructure, we understand that you are serious about your quality. That is why we have the best-of-the-best digital astronauts who specialize in bridging the gap between technical and creative by.

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Step 3. Deployment

So it's finally time to launch your idea into the digital space, congratulations! To do this correctly you'll need the right trajectory, resources, and timing to ensure a campaign that accomplishes your objectives. We've assembled industry best practice tools and skillsets in Television, SEO, Social Media, and Influencer marketing that ensure our success releasing to the public.

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Step 4. Analysis

Your analysis of your efforts are the lifeblood and perception of your entire vision. Don't waste time using standard analytical procedures to create spreadsheets that you analyze line-by-line, customer-by-customer. Through our proprietary toolset we take your recorded data and funnel it into predictive modeling solutions and dynamic and easy to read 3D charts, heatmaps, and screen recordings.

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Step 5. Optimization

We take the results of your push and compare them to our past campaigns with other clients, our products, and research to determine the best route of adjustment. Through the proper tools and research it is possible to create a data-driven predictive model around how we should adjust your campaign to expand further and faster into your area of interest.

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Step 6. Automation

A successful development and marketing effort has a ton of moving parts and normally takes 6 months to 3 years to perfect. Once your effort has reached this stage of growth our teams whip out the big guns to assist you in business automation. This includes automating everything from sales to accounting.

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