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Website Development

UpCode takes pride in ensuring the highest quality on every website we build. Mobile responsiveness and quick loading speeds are guaranteed. Custom Javascript animations? You've got it. We'd love the opportunity to talk with you about building your dream website.

Ball For Men Website
Gracelife Church Website


We were blessed with the opportunity to construct a fully custom website for Gracelife Church of Monroeville with an event management system, video archive, and many other features.

Balla for Men Website


Balla for men is one of the fastest growing men's grooming lines in the country. We assisted them in constructing a custom website and managing their social campaigns.

Better Body Image Website


Betterbodyimage's founder Dee Barker was on the brink of a breakthrough with her mobile app. A new website created a wave of inspiration amongst her team.

Autoseekr Website

Software Development

Our software development teams have built various products of different sizes and functionalities. Modular Frameworks, Flexible Design, Extensive Customization, Consistent Updates, Royalty Free Licensing, and exceptional quality is our life blood. To learn more about our trendy-nerd-robo-geniuses feel free to contact us today!

Autoseekr Website

AUTOSEEKR.COM is the new and improved car search engine tailored for the millennials. No technical car terms, easy to use UI, and a built in test drive scheduling application.

Webstoyou Website


Internal Automation System built for our agency with custom permission access, accounting automation, CRM and score tracking, and many other specific automation features.

Mobilifyit Website


Quickly convert your existant website to be mobile friendly. Receive a free preview within seconds by using Mobilifyit's Responsive website preview tool.

Application Development

We build versatile applications with crisp user experience and complex functionalities that will blow your mind. Databases, login systems, push notifications, all within a cross development strategy. Our teams build top-of-the-line applications fast, efficiently, and very affordably.

Dripplr App
Purrr Application

Purrr is an application which allows users to broadcast mood altering frequencies to a vibrating wearable attached to their wrist.

Plates Social

Plates Social

Plates social is essentially Instagram for foodies. Search through your favorite recipes, restaurants, and people.

Gracelife Church

Gracelife Church

Gracelife church is a non-denominational church and television show located in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.

Dripplr Dashboard

Digital Marketing

Blast off! Expand your brand in the most efficient manner possible through our digital marketing services. We have spent thousands of dollars learning how to run profitable, ever expanding, and affordable campaigns through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Email channels, Google, and other platforms. 

Balla for Men Facebook Advertisement

Balla For Men

With the implementation of Facebook growth campaigns, a Facebook Facelift, and advanced ad targeting, we were able to raise the numbers on Balla For Men's Facebook Page from 700 to 10k.

Oil Vinegar Advertisement

Oil Vinegar

Oil & Vinegar allowed us to manage content for 23 Facebook pages and corporate Instagram and Twitter accounts. We grew their following organically through animated content.

Komplex Advertisement


Komplex is an up and coming Hip Hop artist in Pittsburgh, PA who was in need of a marketing campaign to increase the exposure to his brand and music.

frequently asked questions

We're always ready to answer.

What do I get for $1,500/ month package?

For our Standard Package, at $1499/ month flat, you get 1 dedicated designer and 1 dedicated account manager to work on your design projects. You get unlimited revisions on your projects, though the projects will be queued one item at a time.

How will my project be queued for production?

For the standard package, your projects will be queued on a ticketing system, with unlimited revisions per project, but the projects will be produced one at a time. Once a project is done and finalized, you can immediately request another one.

What is your customer support like? What's your office hours?

Our customer support is open from 8am to 6pm CST.

How many revisions can I get per project? Is there a limit?

There are no limits to project revisions; however, remember that projects will be worked on one at a time, so a project needs to be final/ approved and the ticket needs to be closed before starting a new one. The only time you can get simultaneous project deployment is when you’re hiring a custom enterprise team with at least two full time designers and one dedicated project manager.

What if I want to stop the engagement, how do I cancel?

This is easy! You can just message your assigned account manager to discontinue the engagement and we will process it right away. There are no pro-rated billings or refunds for all clients though, so the end-date of the engagement will be the last paid date according to your contract.

How often do you bill your clients?

For our Standard Package clients, we bill monthly, and for our dedicated designer and our custom enterprise clients, we bill biweekly (every 15th and 30th of the month).

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